Arrrrrrr Ye Ready To Party Like A Pirate?

Do you ever feel like when you fall behind at blogging you can't blog again until you get caught up?
I am such a nerd sometimes.

Boston had his first "friend" birthday party this year. 
And of course he wanted to invite his entire school class and some friends from the neighborhood, so that is how we ended up with 22, yes twenty-two,kids at his party. 
And we lived to tell the tale.

My talented, sweet, amazing friend Kortni over at Love Is All You Need threw a pirate party for her son earlier in the month and made some really cute signs and bags and a pirate treasure map and passed them on to me when she was through (she is a saint I tell you!). And May was SO(!!!!) busy, it was a huge blessing to have part of Boston's party already put together.

We planned a bunch of games, all of which were to be played outdoors. (22 kids partying inside? I don't think so. At least not yet anyhow!)
So of course it was raining cats and dogs and I dare say even horses that day.
It was bad. Seriously. Downpouring.
Bad enough to involve some prayer. 
And wouldn't you know it? The very minute the guests started arriving the sun came out and it stopped raining for the entire duration of the party!! 
It was a very much appreciated little miracle.

The games we had were a canon ball toss (with my weighted exercise ball), pin the treasure chest on the map, and a treasure hunt/obstacle course. Dev had painted dotted lines in our backyard to match the ones on the map they had to follow and they had to stop at various places to walk the plank and climb ladders and such. At the end of the treasure hunt was a pirate hat pinata and bags for the loot.

The kids all had a lot of fun and Boston was beaming the whole day, and only one person (Tagg) fell off the plank. 
So all in all I'd say it was a success. 
Oh, and there were left over cupcakes for me to eat, which only adds to the success of course!

Treasure map cupcakes with giant human sized red fish, ha. 

Wee pirates' favorite foods are fish n' chips, doncha know? 

Dun dun dun.

Dress like a pirate to play like a pirate. The mustaches, eye patches and tattoos were the biggest hits.

Captain Birthday Kid, best lookin' pirate around.

The cannon ball toss.

 The little, petite girl at the back ended up throwing it WAY farther than anyone else. It was awesome.

We had two games of pinning going on to try to keep some sanity speed things along. 

Notice the fearsome, flesh eating rubber duckies. Scared yet? 

Pinata candy rush. Every pirate for him/herself. 

Wish time! 

Drenched and cold little pirates just need mommy.


  1. That looks really fun. Boston is sure a lucky guy!


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