If I Get Cranky In The Mean Time, Feed Me Chocolate

Almost three weeks ago I fractured my calcaneus (heel) during a 1/2 marathon at about the 11 mile mark (race report to come)
The short story is that I haven't been running in 2 1/2 weeks, and I can't run for an additional 2-4 weeks at best, and even then I'll have to start with slow jogs.

Hum. Bug.

Running makes me a better mom and wife.
Pray for my family.
Ha! I kid. Sort of.
But seriously, I miss it.

Me, when I see other people running:


  1. oh no! running injuries are the worst! i broke my foot part-way through my senior-year soccer season. i hope you heel soon!

  2. Lol! Those signs were awesome. I'm sorry about your injury, though. I hope it heals well and quickly.

  3. I hope not heals faster! And I feel you on this. Xoxo

  4. That really, really stinks. Ugh. Hope it heals up okay and doesn't give you any more problems. Ever.


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