An "A" In Vandalism

In the mornings I've been having the boys work on schoolwork for thirty minutes to an hour (please tell me I'm not the only mean mom to do this). Boston usually does math or writing and Tagg works on handwriting and reading and Ell colors (sometimes on their school work which always turns into a fun time for everyone).
Well, after today's schoolwork I found the word "Mom" written about eight inches high multiple times all over our front living room walls. 

When I asked Tagg about it I thought he'd try not to admit doing it, but he owned right up and said he was just making sure everyone knew this was my house.
That's right. Mom's the boss. Don't forget it.

After having him wipe the walls down I couldn't really be mad, cuz, hello, my house.

And if you know what a push over I am most of the time, then you know how funny this really is.


  1. Tagg is a clever one. :) I can even picture his "serious" face as he said it too.


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