Camping: Also Known As Roasting Everything Edible Over A Campfire

Once upon a time there was a girl who loved to go camping.
I mean, we're talking deep, backwoods backpacking and everything.
She married a hot dude who loved to camp too. 
After they had their first baby they decided to introduce him to camping at 3 months old.
And it was awful. No good. Very bad.

Tenting it with babies is about as fun as it sounds.
And if we didn't learn the first time, we tried again when Tagg was born.
Unless you're Patty pioneer woman, I don't recommend tenting it with a baby at all.
Call me a wimp. 

Dev has taken the boys camping quite a few times now that they are older, but up until now we hadn't taken Ell because sometimes I really do learn from my previous mistakes. 

But this past weekend when Dev went to take the boys camping we decided to try taking Ellee too since she's older and, well, I really love camping and miss it a bit.
There's something about being outdoors "away from it all," no technology, no cell service,
just talking to each other and hiking around and playing in the dirt and watching the campfire and stars.
You can't describe the smell and feel of the air in the mountains, but it's real and it wakes up your soul.

However, you'll never see me complain about camping by real toilets. Digging your own lou is only so fun and praying your butt doesn't get bitten by something in the middle of the night when you gave up trying to hold your pee anymore is even more fun. Sorry for that image.


this trip was really fun and really exhausting.
The boys know their limits when it comes to exploring and to stay close to camp. 
Ell is fearless and thinks she has no limits.
So I pretty much spent my time keeping her from the road/river/red ant piles/fire/running through other people's camps/more fire/etc.
By the time 10:30 hit she was almost as exhausted as I was after chasing her, and she wanted to go to sleep, but when she realized the plan was to sleep in the tent she said she was scared and begged to go home to her bed. Fortunately we took both of our vehicles and so, after kisses and hugs and prayers, Ellee and I bailed with the swagger wagon. 
My teenage self would have called me a wimp, but seeing how happy Ell was to be home and snuggled in bed with her animals I knew it was the right choice.

And I'm not sure we'll be trying that again until she's a bit older. 
Or we have a trailer.
Or we could just stay in hotels.

Right after I told her you're supposed to eat the whole cookie, not just the cream filling.

 "Mom, let's take a picture. No mom, you can't just smile. It has to be funny."

Dad teaching the kids how to build a proper fire annnnnd fire safety. 

If you haven't had roasted starbursts before you're missing out. 
S'mores with thin mints aren't too shabby either.

Dev is such a rad Dad and did a lot of fun things with the boys the next day. He took them shooting, made them a treasure hunt that they had to use a real compass and map to figure out, and worked on passing off scouting requirements with Boston now that he's in cub scouts. I love this guy.

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  1. Such fun memories! I'm impressed Ellee made it till 10:30pm. I mean when you're two, the idea of sleeping in the forest does sound kinda scary. Did you know they have a tent that has the air mattress built into the bottom? Neato!


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