And Kindness For All

It isn't fun to write posts about hard things because I usually like to stay positive and focus on the good.
And I hate to feel like I'm whining.
And while we learn from obstacles we go through and overcome, when I look back on our life the good is what stands out, so that's what I like to write and remember. 
But earlier this week something touched me and I figured I'd pass it along.

There's this thing. 
It's one of those personal things you don't really usually share or blog about, and it's a tough one. 
But really, just one of those silent battles we all go through at various times in our lives. 
And well, this thing who's name we do not say, let's call it Voldemort for the sake of this post. 

Voldemort is an ugly, heavy sucker and two days ago he was really laying it on thick.
It was everything I could do to get out of bed that morning. But when you're a mom and you have three little kiddos depending on you for breakfast, you put a smile on your face and you get the hellodolly out of bed, because whatever face you're wearing is usually what face your kids wear. So that day I was going to be hap hap happy if it killed me. Which it nearly did.
I haven't found the lightning scar yet, but I'm sure it's there.

It was one of those days where you really just want to stay home, wear pajamas all day, pretend your messy bun is on purpose, and deal with Voldemort from the comfort of home. But that afternoon I had an achievement days science activity I needed to hold (sort of like girl scouts, but on a church level), and I had to run a few errands to get things to prepare for it. 

There was one particular item I was having a hard time finding and ended up calling six different stores and driving to five in order to find it. The kids found this just as fun as I did and so I was completely sapped and ready for my own meltdown by the time we were ready to check out at Hobby Lobby (bless them for finally having the item I was looking for!). 
But if you have ever shopped at Hobby Lobby with kids then you know how much fun the checkout process can be because of the toys and treats they have surrounding the checkout lanes like a fortress. Almost as fun as taking them to get shots. Almost.

But as we approached the check out line the cashier immediately started talking to the kids and asking them questions and complimenting them and distracting them while at the same time giving me extra discounts on our purchases and just being a super duper nice human being. And before I knew it the kids were giggling and we were done and out the door. 

Her kindness might not have seemed like a big deal to her or anyone else for that matter. But at the time it made a world of difference to me. So much so that when we got to the swagger wagon I collapsed into my seat a teared up a bit with relief. The simple things she did were such a boost to me at the perfect time and gave me a little extra strength and umph. 

You never know what a smile or simple act of kindness can do for someone's day or life. 
I try to live by the motto that "It's better to be the one who smiles than the one who doesn't smile back."
But being on the receiving end gave me a different perspective and a greater resolve to be more like that cashier and try harder to be kinder in every day life.

You never know who is facing Voldemort alone and only God knows.


  1. I don't believe you ever have Voldemort days. EVER. You are just so amazing in every way. Thanks for sharing, because now I know you're human and not Mrs. Incredible. (Well, you might still be in the running world.) hahaha I just love you and think you're fabulous!!! XOXOXO

  2. I am totally surprised that you have Voldemort days!! I'm glad that someone was able to make your day a little better. :)

  3. I can relate to this in almost every way (except for one which I will delineate a little later in this comment)! By the way, I meant to comment when you first posted this, but oops I read blogs through a reader and forgot to come back to the site...but I thought a lot about this post and that's why I'm commenting so late. Anywho, I get it. I love it when people are nice or go out of their way too be extra nice when they don't have to. It really helps! Oh, and P.S. I kind of had to laugh a little bit about "Voldemort" because Hylan and his sister used to refer to one of his x-girlfriends by that name, so it made me laugh, even though I get what you meant by it and I deal with it too. Argh.

    And that one thing that maybe I can't relate to is that I never pretend my messy buns are on purpose. LOL! They are totes on purpose. Every. Single. Time. Ha ha. :) And I'm not kidding even though I'm laughing.


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